Payment Information

Many customers now use on-line banking to pay for the produce they receive.

To do this, you will need to make Slipstream Organics a payee using these bank details – Sort Code 12-24-81, and Account Number 06919542.

When submitting payment, please include your 4-digit customer id number as found on your name label on the side of your box in the payment reference field (this will ensure we match the payment to your account).

Payment via cheque at the point of delivery is also accepted – please make cheques payable to Slipstream Organics Ltd.

Terms of Payment

As a small business with limited cash-flows, it is important that we are paid either in advance, or promptly following delivery.

Account balance information can be found on the name label on the side of the boxes providing an up-to-date figure reflecting any credit or arrears there may be.

Please keep an eye on this figure to ensure that it corresponds to the payments & deliveries made.

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

Recycling Your Box

Where possible we will reuse the boxes that transport your orders – please look after your empty box (protecting it from the elements in bad weather) and make it available for collection when a next delivery is made.

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean


We try and minimise our use of packaging, and what we do use is both biodegradable and compostable. We do take back egg boxes (only the ones we supply), and will also take back the larger, handled paper bags which we use for our £4 & £7 & £9 mixed fruit.

Please do not return the smaller paper and biodegradable bags as we cannot reuse them.

Box Cancellations

On the basis that you are happy to continue on with a regular order, we would include you into our delivery schedule unless we hear otherwise.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact, (phone, email or via the website) to inform us of any changes you may wish to make your arrangement, particularly in regards to cancelling an order due to holidays etc.

It is helpful if we are notified a few days in advance so changes can be made in good time.

Unsatisfactory Produce

We will always endeavour to reflect the high-quality produce now being grown on organic farms in this region and we are conscientious in making up orders to keep standards high. However, mistakes can be made, and on occasion you may feel that a certain item (or two) is unsatisfactory – simply not up to scratch.

In such an instance, please please make contact so we can not only rectify the situation (we will usually add extra in your next order free of charge) but also be made aware of quality issues which otherwise could have been overlooked – saving us repeating the mistake and informing our suppliers of any issues.

Omissions and Substitutions

We recognise there are some varieties of fresh produce that simply disliked, and in such an instance, we would ask you to inform us so we can substitute that item with another on weeks when we would have otherwise included it.

Note – Too many dislikes can result in slightly repetitive boxes as our options for making up your box will be more limited within the range of produce we have available to us.

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

Slipstream Organics will only ever use produce that is supplied by well-established organic farms and wholesalers who themselves are similarly inspected and meet set standards of organic production.

We take our role in maintaining the integrity of the ‘Organic’ status of the food we supply very seriously to ensure you have the upmost confidence in the produce you buy from Slipstream.

Integrity of the Organic Produce Supplied

We are inspected by the Soil Association each year and, on the basis of our compliance to a set of operational standards required for our supply of organic produce, we are granted an annual licence, a licence number and permission to use the Soil Association symbol Our Licence Number is R1732 and the Soil Association Certification Number is GB-ORG-05.

(A copy of our up-to-date licence is always available on request).

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

Imported Produce

Whilst we would always favour locally grown over anything else, there are certain items (bananas spring to mind) and times of year (the hungry-gap in UK production May/June and July) when these local supplies are either unavailable or very limited, and we need to look further afield to make up our boxes.

The wholesalers we use have established good trade links with organic operations outside this country, and we are confident that the supplementation of our boxes with imported organic produce allows us to maintain a good Slipstream offer throughout the year – balancing a good selection of produce at a reasonable price.

Note – Up-to-date information on the origin of the produce can be found in list of items we supply in the bespoke box section of our website.

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

Seasonal Fluctuations in your box

Seasonality is one of the key elements of our service and our standard boxes reflect the changes in what is being grown on our local organic farms throughout the year.

Similarly, the cost of produce supplied is also reflected through the boxes, and fluctuations in the amount of produce you receive in your box will occur.

Please be aware that even though the cost remains a constant, as a general rule, boxes supplied in the abundant Autumnal & Winter Months will contain more produce than those in Spring and Early Summer (when limited supply raises the prices we are charged).

Each Friday afternoon our website is updated with a projection of what we are intending to put in our boxes on the following week, and the bespoke box list is also reviewed ready to take submissions for the following week too.

Green Shoots of a Countryside Revolution

We are convinced by the multiple benefits of organic food production and the organic food which results!

Consumers choosing to buy local, organically grown fresh produce alongside growers choosing to use organic methods of food production result in what we recognise as natural forward propulsion all round – a slipstream.

Our role at Slipstream Organics is to keep bringing these two elements together as effectively as we can, so please don’t hesitate to pass on our details to others who you think may be interested in either buying our produce, or even supplying us directly.