Please see below as a working guide as to how we can

Things We Are Doing Things You Can Do
Being sensible, responsible and doing what we can to secure your supply of organic produce at this time.   Pay in Advance of delivery using on-line banking. Use your customer id number as reference (found on your box name label) and zap through to our account – sort code 12-24-81, account number 06919542.  
Limiting new customers into the scheme to protect the supplies for our existing customers (currently 5 per week, which was our current rate of growth prior to the outbreak – which will cease altogether if supplies are no longer available in the quantity we need).   Avoid the use of cheques and cash as payment, unless there is no viable alternative (and to sort it out would mean an unsafe, and possibly unnecessary trip to the bank).  
Offering our staff full pay for the time they may have off due to the corona virus outbreak – ensuring they will not come to work if they have any symptoms.   Respect social distancing guidelines, and make it easy and safe for the driver to drop off your order and collect your empty box with minimum fuss.  
Following rigourous guidelines around keeping the workplace (including Vehicles) clean – providing effective (anti coronavirus) surface cleaner, hand sanitisers, face masks and gloves to maintain an effective barrier against contamination.   Recycle your box.
Limiting Bespoke orders to ensure relatively normal orders are maintained, and a fair distribution of produce across all our customers. Do not return anything other than your cardboard box, Egg Box and the blue plastic try that comes with the £10 fruit box Currently paper fruit bags, and any other packaging. must not be returned and will not be accepted.  
  Bear with us!