What is the Organic Box Scheme?

The Organic Box Scheme is a method of supplying locally grown organic food into the local community.

It is a simple and effective form of food distribution giving people access to the safe, fresh food being produced on organic farms in the local area.

Benefits include:

• Supporting local, organic farmers in their sound husbandry of the land, and encouraging greater organic production in this region.
• Stimulating the local economy.
• Minimizing the environmental impact caused by excessive food distribution & packaging.

How does it work?

Choose the size of box you require

Select from the growers produce list those varieties of produce, if any, that you do not want to be included in your box

The time and the place of delivery are then arranged and you will then receive your first box

If you enjoyed the produce and wish to continue having a delivery this can then be arranged to occur automatically each week (unless we hear otherwise)

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

Where does it come from?

Over the past 25 years, Slipstream Organics has established a network of local organic farmers in this region (all registered and certified as ‘organic’) who have successfully grown a wide selection of produce for inclusion in our boxes.

We collect the produce fresh from our growers each week before compiling the boxes and making deliveries. We take care to ensure that you receive your food in the best condition.

What Does it cost?

There are several sizes of box available to choose:

• £7.00
• £8.00
• £9.00
• £11.00
• £13.00
• £16.00
• £21.00

We also supply Organic Fruit Boxes at £4, £7, £9 & £11, and we can include Organic Free-range Eggs (£2.70 per 1/2 dozen) with your order.

Slipstream Organics, Organic veg boxes for Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and the Forest of Dean

What’s in a box?

All boxes usually contain a mixture of the staples (potatoes, carrots, onions) along with a selection of other seasonal produce.

The table below gives an example of what may be included in standard £13.00 boxes, one delivered in Summer and one in Autumn/Winter.

£13.00 Summer Box (example from July 2023)

900g Potatoes
600g Carrots
300g Onions
250g Courgettes
Green Cabbage
1 Cucumber
250g Tomatoes
Mixed Salad Pack

£13.00 Autumn/Winter Box (example from December 2023)

1.25Kg Potatoes
800g Carrots
350g Onions
400g Parsnips
Green Cabbage
400g Leeks
1 Medium Swede
300g Purple Sprouting

Please Note – Seasonal variations in price from our growers are also reflected by your box. As such you will find you receive more produce for your money during the abundant autumn/winter months than you will from boxes made up during spring and,early summer when supplies are more limited.

To find out exactly what is going into our standard boxes (vegetables and fruit), please click on ‘What’s in a box?’ in the menu.

Delivery Charges

* Boxes collected from Slipstream (GL51 6SL) – No extra charge
* An individual order delivered to your door – £1.50