Our on-line bespoke box facility offers our customers the flexibility to personalise the contents of their weekly organic order.

Using our on-line bespoke list, orders can be submitted to either supersede the existing regular standing order, or to add to it from an extensive list of organic produce available to us each week.

The bespoke list is updated each Friday relevant to orders prepared in the following week.

Customer log-in details are sent out via an e-mail once a customer registration has been submitted (registration done via the ‘try us out’ tab), and the first delivery has been confirmed.

Minimum order £10 in value excluding any delivery charges, and submission deadline set at 7am on the day prior to order delivery/collection.

Due to limitations around price & availability, some varieties of organic produce become available only via the bespoke list and not as part of our set Slipstream boxes E.g. Asparagus, Watercress etc.

Our bespoke box facility gives customers the opportunity to add such items to their order should they wish, and to alter quantities of other items to suit the household need.