Your Health

• Organic agriculture promotes a living fertile soil which in turn produces high quality, nutritious food vital for our health
• Variations of produce in the box reintroduces us to eating seasonally
• A regular supply of fresh produce in our diet is a recognised part of a healthy lifestyle

Your Palate

• Organic food has not been forced in its growth, giving time for the natural flavours and aromas
to fully develop

Our Environment

• Organic farming prohibits artificial fertilisers and chemical sprays
• Crop rotations, biological pest control and nutrient recycling build a healthy soil and enhance wildlife habitats
• The nature of the box scheme avoids excessive food distribution & packaging.
• Local organic farmers are given economic encouragement in their sound husbandry of the land

Total Convenience

• Regular delivery to your door or collection from our base in Cheltenham (GL51 6SL).

Our Organic Guarantee

• All of our produce is ‘Certified Organically Grown’
• We are registered with the Soil Association as an official supplier of organic produce
(SA symbol number UK5:R1732)